Welcome to Batam Island, Indonesia


Batam Island is located between the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean is of strategic significance in international waterways . In Riau (Riau) Islands over three thousand islands in size , Batam (BATAM) is closest to Singapore, Singapore across the sea, 20 km , take the ferry takes 40 minutes to arrive. Area of ​​415 square kilometers , a population of nearly one million . North Central is a hill , the highest point of 169 meters , there are forests ; southern , southwestern and northwestern parts of the coastal plain is the beach beautiful scenery . Tortuous coastline of the island , many bays and small ports . 1978 Provisioning of Freeport , plans to develop a diversified industrial and commercial center and tourist destination . 1980s begin construction of infrastructure, including more than 100 kilometers of roads , three docks, airports , utilities, communications services. And the establishment of industrial , export processing, distribution of goods and tourist areas . Batam and Singapore ferry link between the two islands . 1978 Provisioning of Freeport , plans to develop a diversified industrial and commercial center and tourist destination .

Batam entitled "Little Bali ," said, it is Indonesia's 30,000 islands , an island from Singapore recently , because it is a duty-free port , so it is Singaporeans , Malaysians , or Indonesians like to Batam Island to spend , contributed to Batam very quickly developed. Currently Batam city buildings are colorful, uniquely shaped , people feel as if into a fairy tale inside ; rather to their seaside hotel , but deeply felt peaceful simplicity Bali resort atmosphere , so known as the little Bali .

With an area of ​​only two-thirds of Singapore's largest island , and was originally just a jungle of Batam , the Batam development can be described as alarming. Batam in the " local construction Batam Development Board " under the dominion is an independent administrative region of the island as early as 1978 already duty-free zone , where you can wander taste major resort town , you can also completely at the hotel , boutiques and ferry pier to enjoy duty-free shopping , they can totally appreciate Batam into a unique majestic scenery . In addition, you can also consider investing in this engage in commercial activities , because for a visionary businessman concerned, Batam bears full potential for development.

Except manufacturing , tourism in Batam has also been great development. 1999, 2000 to the total number of visitors Batam reached 1,250,000 , 1,100,000 , 1,200,000 . Batam in Indonesia after Bali, becoming the second largest tourist destination. Batam Island has 5,600 rooms, of which 60% belong star hotels and beach resorts . Batam has six international standard golf courses and two marinas . Batam Island visitors can buy traditional handicrafts to international brands from any merchandise.


The primary ports in Batam are Harbour Bay (Jodoh), Batam Centre, Nongsapura, Sekupang and Waterfront City (Teluk Senimba). They're visa-free and visa-on-arrival ports of entry. You may catch a ferry in the Harbourfront Ferry Terminal in Singapore to Batam Centre, Sekupang and Waterfront City. To head to Nongsapura from Singapore, get the ferry in the Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal.

Batam is surely an island while in the Riau archipelago, in Indonesia. Covering 715 sq km (276 sq mi), Batam features a population nof . million men and women. It is actually city inside the Riau Island Province of Indonesia. Because of its proximity to Singapore, that is just km ( mi) away, Batam is right now a Absolutely free Trade Zone Sijori Triangle.